Homeowners Association Dues

All property owners pay $890.00 per year per lot for the fiscal year (April 1—March 31) 

for use of the community center, swimming pool, tennis courts, pickleball courts, kayak launch and upkeep of the community’s common areas.

Lawn Maintenance

Patio home owners pay a yearly fee of $60.00 for irrigation. 

(Optional programs are available for lawn maintenance are available)  

As an owner of an unimproved lot, one must choose to:

-Maintain the lot yourself

-Arrange for a neighbor or other entity to maintain your lot

- Contract with the Wyboo Plantation Owners Association to maintain your patio home lot at a fee of $450.00 a year and your custom lot at a fee of $500.00 a year (4/1-3/31).

(for more info contact the Managers Office 803-478-8688).

Boat Slips

Owners of the deeded boat slips in the Lake Arbu and Woodlake boat basins pay $100.00 a year for power and maintenance of the boat lift that provides access to Lake Marion.

 Property owners on Lake Arbu, North Lake, and South Lake pay $100.00 a year

 for maintenance of the boat lift that provides access to Lake Marion.

Storage Lot

The annual fee for each spot is $72.00 (upon availablilty)

 New Construction

The Architectural Review Committee will collect $5,000.00 (a one time fee) when house plans are submitted for approval.  This fee is for the Plantation Road System Fund to continue the upkeep of roads and will be refunded if plans are not approved.

All fees are subject to change.